Doreen Larsen dba
Evolution Solutions Healing
Welcome to my website.  I am both a Body Code and Emotion Code Certified Practitioner based on the life works of Dr. Bradley Nelson.

I have discovered that quite often the secret to improved physical and emotional well being is to look beyond tradional health care practices.  There are literally hundreds  of success stories that support the holistic approach to better health care.

If you have health care issues that medical professionals have been unable to help you feel better, please consider investigating "The Emotion Code and The Body Code" for your overall health improvement.  To lean more about my experience click on About Doreen above.  You can also schedule a session with me based on availability. 

I hope you will take this opportunity to learn more about this unique approach to better healthcare.
Disclaimer: Releasing trapped emotions using The Emotion Code, or any other type of Energy Healing practiced by the providers on this site, whether in person or by proxy, is not a substitute for medical care.  This information is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.  Information given to you on this site or in any session obtained on this site is not intended to create any physician-patient relationship, nor should it be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional.  If you have questions or concerns about your health, please contact your healthcare provider.  Energy Healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieving stress and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal.  Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care.  After completing your first session if you believe that you have not benefited or received any value whatsoever, your fee will be promptly refunded if we are notified in a timely manner. 

Healing sessions are strictly confidential.

Your personal information will never be shared with anyone.

"The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that helps us to identify and literally release trapped emotions - which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Trapped emotions can cause depression, anxiety, they can block people from love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others. And because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues, and can cause acute pain and even cancer. Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal- so physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much more manageable."
"I do a form of energy work called The Body Code, where we identify and correct the different imbalances that cause all kinds of physical and emotional problems for people. A lot of it deals with the health of the energy body where we release trapped emotional energies (emotional baggage) and correct blocked chakras and meridians and such. There is a physical side as well where we look for things like infections, toxins, nutritional deficiencies and structural imbalances and address those according to whatever the client's body needs. Basically, this work is all about removing imbalance in order to make conditions right for the body to heal itself."